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When the majority of the Jews in Morocco left in the mid 20th century many left behind properties and businesses. Some have laid unclaimed for over half a century. Contact us if you believe this might have been the case with your family and we will conduct a FREE search to see if your family is eligible for reclaiming forgotten assets.

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Reclaiming your birth right

Property, usually in the form of land can be reclaimed by the heirs of the original owners. Across Morocco, there are unclaimed parcels of land still registered in the names of the original owners from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The rightful heirs of the original owners are entitled to reclaim the property deed. We can help you identify family land and help gather the required proof to submit a claim for restitution. In some cases, the government has allowed the sale of the land to a new owner. in that case, please refer to restitution of funds below.

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The Caisse de dépot et de gestion (French for Deposit and Management Fund, shortened as CDG) is a state-owned financial institution which manages long-term savings in Morocco

The CDG holds funds from unclaimed personal and business bank accounts as well as funds from the sale of land when the owner was not present. The heirs of the original owners are entitled to make a claim for restitution.

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